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Alva’s PU College campus is a unique and complete answer to the needs of student life in the modern education system. It is situated just 30 kilometres away from Mangalore International Airport and surrounded by a serene green landscape. It is the safest and disturbance free place for fulfilling the ambitions of student life. It has an amazing ambience which brings a homely and pleasant feel among the students with the following privileges:


Alva’s Hostel


  • Spacious hostels located in a serene environment.
  • One warden each for each floor.
  • Calm and conducive atmosphere for studies.
  • Mess and Kitchen in each hostel.
  • Delicious and nutritious food.
  • Caring Wardens and Supervisors.
  • Student Welfare Officers with the special responsibility of health care and academic progress of the students.
  • Hostel Medical Unit with residential Doctors.
  • Rest Room for students with health issues.
  • 24×7 hot water facility.
  • 24×7 Electricity and water supply.
  • Stationery and Canteen facility.
  • Daily housekeeping.
  • Paid laundry facility.
  • In house hair cutting saloon and beauty parlour.

Number of seats available for boys: 6521
Number of seats available for girls: 4588

College Bus

There is a regular college bus conveyance facility to the students towards college and hostels.

Alva’s Ayurveda Hospital

This is a unique facility in Alva’s campus. Students can avail medical care at any moment within the campus from specialist doctors.


Central Library

The college campus has a spacious library with a well-furnished reading hall. There is a large collection of reference books, journals and periodicals to quench the thirst of knowledge. There is internet access to the students supervised by the librarians. The library will be open from 5.00 AM to 11.00 PM every day including Sundays.


Bank With ATM

There is a nationalised bank with ATM facility within the campus.

Alva’s Stationery

All text books, note books and other stationery items are available at a discounted price in Alva’s stationery within the campus.

Post Office

There is Alva’s campus branch of India Post for the convenience of the students. (more…)

Alva’s Cafeteria

Alva’s Cafeteria is a spacious and comfortable refreshment centre at the heart of the campus with a traditional architecture and style. Fresh and healthy South Indian vegetarian food varieties are available for the students at a reasonable price.


There is a large indoor auditorium within the campus for conducting seminars, workshops and conferences. Apart from that, there are open theatres and conference halls dedicated for literary and cultural programmes with a seating capacity of several thousands.

Swimming Pool

Alva’s campus has a swimming pool for the sports aspirants and achievers.