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Dr. M. Mohan Alva

Chairman, Alva’s Education Foundation

Knowledge is power and education is a path to imbibe it. Alva’s Education Foundation (AEF) purports to do exactly the same, that is, transform education into knowledge. It is knowledge that will empower the youth of today to understand the information explosions taking place in the rapidly globalizing world. Personal integrity and ethics can be maintained only with a strong mind and a mind can become strong only with knowledge.

Alva’s Education Foundation (AEF) aims to develop individuals who will be ready to take up real challenges presented to them. At the same time the foundation wants these individual to be culturally and ethically enlightened because not only the industry but our country needs such individuals today.

Alva’s Education Foundation (AEF) also believes in sensitising students to the Indian culture and ethos to preserve the basic fabric of the Indian society. Sports are the integral parts of the foundation curriculum, that aims at developing a competitive spirit amongst the students. In brief Alva’s Education Foundation aims at holistic development of the students, who will ultimately become responsible citizens of the country.

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