College Office - 08258 231237, 250367Information Cell : 08258 - 236170
College Office - 08258 231237, 250367
Information Cell : 08258 - 236170


Alva’s PU College campus is a unique and complete answer to the needs of student life in the modern education system. It is situated just 30 kilometres away from Mangalore International Airport and surrounded by a serene green landscape. It is the safest and disturbance free place for fulfilling the ambitions of student life. It has an amazing ambience which brings a homely and pleasant feel among the students with the following privileges:

  • Alva's Hostel
  • College Bus
  • Alva's Ayurveda Hospital
  • Central Library
  • Bank With ATM
  • Alva’s Stationery
  • Post Office
  • Alva’s Cafeteria
  • Alva’s Juice Centre
  • Auditorium
  • Swimming Pool


There is Alva’s campus branch of India Post for the convenience of the students.


Alva’s Cafeteria is a spacious and comfortable refreshment centre at the heart of the campus with a traditional architecture and style. Fresh and healthy South Indian vegetarian food varieties are available for the students at a reasonable price.


Students can avail fresh fruit juices and herbal juices at Alva’s Juice Centre.


There is a large indoor auditorium within the campus for conducting seminars, workshops and conferences. Apart from that, there are open theatres and conference halls dedicated for literary and cultural programmes with a seating capacity of several thousands.


Alva’s campus has a swimming pool for the sports aspirants and achievers.